Bijoy net Corporate Internet provides your business with dedicated internet access with the same upload and download speeds, proactive network monitoring and maintenance, and industry-leading performance and SLAs across Bangladesh. Drive the performance and efficiency of your business with our dedicated internet access that offers the fastest speeds, nationwide availability, and 100% uptime. 

FIBER CONNECTIVITY   Fiber internet is a great choice for enterprises where multiple users want to back up data, or send and receive large files at the same time, especially over long distances. Bijoy net  is continually expanding its fiber-optic network across the country. Check availability today and see if you can get Fiber service where you live! 

 RADIO CONNECTIVITY  There are times when this is not possible, since there are areas where the optical fiber still arrives, or where there are coverage problems in the internet connection. Whenever this happens, the best solution for your company is the internet connection via radio link.